As a creative technologist with a passion for design and animation, Marius Veltman is always keen on exploring new possibilities to ‘wow’ and captivate an audience. With clients varying from local entrepreneurs, to global agencies, Marius is an artistic one man army combining the fundamental disciplines of graphic design motion graphics and web development.

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Over the last fifteen years Marius has built an impressive track record of clients and projects. With a clear knowledge for what moves people in this age of digital consumerism, Marius is able to transfer his visual storytelling to any device, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. Aside from his impressive set of skills, Marius is great fun to work with. His natural energy brings any team to a higher level. Marius is known for being a creative thinker with a large set of skills and an appetite for challenges. Marius is always looking for the ‘it can’t be done’ project that truly challenges his creativity and skills. So if you get the opportunity to work with him, grab it with both hands and hold on tight.

Time is valuable and large portfolios take a long time to load. This site only displays the essentials. If you need to see more don’t hesitate to reach out.